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  1. Will says:

    If it is not a plberom, Can the webmaster explain why he has only written this pretty small article instead of a really more extensive post. It was inettrseing though and I hope you can elaborate more on it in future posts. Thanks

  2. This is a perfect example of an opportunity for an ORIGINAL SCRIPT to have been filmed by talented people like Mike Newell and Helena Bonham Carter, instead of giving us yet another version of this story when the 90s version with Ethan Hawke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert DeNiro and Anne Bancroft was damn good (seriously, check it out, if you haven’t seen it).Yes, it’s a classic story and probably a quality film, but wouldn’t you love to see a NEW Mike Newell film?

  3. We utilize the idea Tom mentioned in that of the round-table: The product in the middle with the media, advertising and creative disciplines working to come to unified campaign to get the product to the end consumer.

  4. Det blev jättefin! Tror inte att med fransk järnsäng kunde blivit bättre 😉 Drottningsäng, man kan säga :0)Jag ska hämta min dagbädd idag, sen frakta till torpet, sen montera. Den ska dock vara utomhus, men vatten avvisande tyg pÃ¥ madrass, som ska kunna lätt tas in vid skyfall ;0)kramar/Olg@

  5. “The idiots got what they wanted and we will all pay dearly when the dope and money runs out”Well, then as one of those idiots I can only hope I don’t run out of dope or money.

  6. typo3.net says:

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